Several well known web service providers are now offering specific information on which hotels are adapted for handicapped guests.

It’s good to see companies offering this kind of information. The trouble with this sort of information service is that it is just not reliable, no one from these companies has actually been in the hotel they recommend and has seen the adapted room and bathroom, much less stayed at these hotels.

At All The Way Adaptive Travel we have not only 35 years experience traveling around the world but we have checked each and every hotel room we recommend in Argentina, each restaurant and show we say is correcty adapted. We’ve been there and checked if an hotel calling itself handicapped friendly is in fact so.

When you are handicapped and are contemplating traveling, whether on business or vacation you should not take chances on your hotel accommodation which may end up with surprises like not being able to get around in your room in a wheelchair or not being able to use the bathroom facilities comfortably.

Happy holidays !

Christian C. Couyoumdjian

All The Way Adaptive Travel

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