There is no reason why you should not be able to travel just because you are disabled.

This is common thinking among people in a handicapped situation, throughout the world.  

I’m stuck in a wheelchair... “where can I go, how do I get there?”. This generally ends in “no thanks”, “its too hard” or “it’s just impossible”.

Well, let me tell you a few things you may have heard before but never actually seen and grasped.

Traveling is one of the most beautiful and enriching life experiences, like I said many times and you can see in numerous T shirts and posters. Traveling is the only thing that you can buy and have forever. It’s through your eyes, taste and touch that places and experiences stay forever in you when you travel.

During my lifetime experience of 35 years cruising the world, I have encountered countless difficulties and have been exposed at all times to barriers and all sorts of challenging situations that would make you think twice, like I mentioned previously in this article.

Let me tell you once more, the impossible is something we, as humans, create in our minds, therefore if we created it we can destroy it. This is also true in our life experiences, such as traveling.

The impossible begins to seem doable when places and things start to be adapted and adjusted to our needs. Then we realize there are a lot of things and places we can go to or things we can do.

That is why as a physically impaired person and as a trip consultant I created this consultancy and travel agency called All The Way Adaptive Travel to help people who wish to travel throughout Argentina.

Never let anyone tell you its impossible or not to do it.

All The Way adaptive Travel is the most complete a reliable Constancy and Travel Agency specialized in traveling in Argentina, for handicapped or physically impaired individuals.

Christian C. Couyoumdjian

Trip Consultant.

All The Way. Adaptive Travel.

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