It is no secret that there are thousands of different pathologies that end in physical or intellectual disabilities.

15% of the world’s population is handicapped. This means that one out of seven of us is undergoing aphysical or intellectual disability, ranging from small or less serious permanent injuries to severe paralysis among many other different pathologies.

When thinking about traveling these facts make a huge difference not only in difficulty but also economically.

It is well known and has been published in many articles and studies, that people with physical handicaps spend up to 30% more than a person with no physical impairment.

How did this come to pass ? Well, to understand this is we must first go back to our pervious statement and realize most of the countries do practically nothing to make the world a more inclusive environment.

This creates a more complicated situation for people in need of different attention forcing them to spend more money as they generally have to choose more expensive options.

At All The Way Adaptive Travel we specialize in adaptive traveling creating well thought out plans for handicapped people, their families and friends.  

We understand that traveling is not free but also realize that it is not about how much you spend but rather how well you plan your trip, according to your preferences but always putting your needs and safety first.

Having a good trip plan will often prevent you from spending money on something or places you won’t even be able to see or to enjoy completely. Cheap or low cost or even not planning correctly will cost you up to a 50% more and the risk of not being able to get there and even having more serious issues regarding your health or your equipment.

That is why we strongly recommend you plan your trip in a meticulous and serious way. A better plan is always cheaper. Prevention is always better than cure.

Plan your trip and have the time of your life with no unnecessary risks and not speeding more money and wasting your precious time.

Let us plan your trip in the most professional and serious way.

All The Way Adaptive Travel.

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