We are all familiar with the famous luxurious cruisers that, traveling the oceans, connect us all over the world.

This format for traveling the world is becoming more and more relevant every day. This is a way of traveling where tourists have the chance of visiting different countries and cities at every stop and have a window to a new scenery and a whole number of things to do, visit and enjoy.

When talking of inclusion we must also mention that these cruisers are far better equipped in all sorts of ways to receive our passengers with their different physical impairments and handicaps.

Beginning with their luxurious ships which cruise the seas for months on end, to their restaurant service and their amusements which they have developed in an inclusive manner for all its passengers. From platforms, elevators and adapted seats, to restrooms and cabins specially designed for people with different and more specific needs.

But what happens wen the ship drops anchor at the port of a South American city? We find ourselves arriving at the port of a city which is nor prepared to receive many passengers, as most of the cities in South America are not adapted to the different needs, from moving about near the port to finding a means of transport which will take them on a city tour.

There is a huge gap between the tourist packages offered for visiting the city and seeing the sights, going to a restaurant and perhaps spending a magical night on the town, and the real situation of passengers with reduced mobility.

All this crumbles when we arrive at the port of destination and cannot board the minibus which should take us sightseeing, or cannot find place to eat as most of the restaurants have steps to enter and much less the possibility of accessing adapted restrooms.

Why do things halfway when they can be done properly. Why not develop a problem free travel plan without all these cumbersome inconveniencies and hitches?

At All the Way Adapted Travel we believe that traveling is one of the most satisfying experiences que can enjoy on this planet. Being on a wheelchair or in any other handicapped situation does not mean we cannot take a vacation or simply go and see the world.

Plan your trip according to your needs and above all don’t let anyone or anything postpone or ruin your great adventure of traveling.


Christian Couyoumdjian

Travel advisor

All The Way. Adaptive Travel.

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