As we keep moving we still have accessibility as our main concern and, as advisors, we must take a peek at the outside world and be receptive to the few good changes that have been taking place and that are making this world a more inclusive habitat.


As laws are enacted and more conscience is developed around the world, accessibility has become a more common word, a concept we can all embrace and live with.

It is nothing more than understanding that we need to live in places where everyone, regardless on how we walk, wheel or use any other means, can move around.

Such common understanding is not so common yet, we are just starting to get the feeling. Accessible planning in some important world capitals, specialized travel agencies, modern applications for our android phones designed for accessibility purposes and even countries are legislating trying to be part of this common cause that, after all. has proved to affect all of us in some way or another.

This last concept can be better grasped if you just take a moment and see for yourself, fifteen percent of our world population is known to be affected by some disability. This can only mean that there is another big bunch that goes with them, family members, friends, co-workers or your neighbor.

We are all responsible and can make a difference to turn this world into a place for everyone.

As we keep moving, keep traveling around the globe, we have found these concepts to be true and as such it is making traveling a more friendly thought.

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