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All The Way Adaptive Travel is a consultancy that advises people with reduced mobility or who are handicapped who wish to travel, minimizing their obstacles, inconveniences and disagreeable surprises, making it possible for their trip to be an enjoyable experience.

In general we are confident that the world is going in the right direction becoming more adaptive friendly, but sometimes don’t you ever get the feeling that the pace of change that makes our life easier and more comfortable when traveling has slowed down or is not taking place at all ?

Airports, hotels and restaurants have certainly made improvements in their infrastructure during the last decade making them accessible and adaptive, but often have not kept up their personnel training procedures. Frequently the person in charge of helping a reduced mobility passenger does not know very well what to do. A certain “I have taken care of you already, don’t press me further” attitude is sometimes visible.

Other service providers have good intentions but have not got round to making the changes they had planned, the “We will get down to it one of these days” attitude.

Ramps, platforms, wheelchairs, grab bars, elevators and restrooms are not always kept in top shape or maintenance is lacking, what I could call the “OUT OF ORDER” syndrome. This is specially true in less developed countries where good intentions abound but inexistent services for handicapped are often sorely felt.

Even up-to-date and reliable information al major airports and airlines is not always fore coming. Some traveling experiences like security checkpoints at airports are becoming more stressful by the day as additional regulations go into place.

But let us not lose faith, there are innumerable organizations all over the world working towards the inclusion of people with reduced mobility or with a handicap, making available better and safer access in buildings, transport, better trained employees at airlines, airports, hotels, restaurants, transfers and shows which will allow us to enjoy our traveling.

We at All The Way Adaptive Travel try to make your trip a safe and enjoyable experience, providing you with timely and reliable information, whether you are traveling for pleasure, for a sports meet or for business, in Argentina or in many other parts of the world.

Peter M. Couyoumdjian

All The Way Adaptive Team


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