We all know how there have been big changes in the world in the way handicapped people are trated. From street signs, laws and regulations to international conventions of the United Nations that talks of and regulates the rights and way in which we, as handocapped people, should be treated and included in our global society.


This new way of life that gives us our rights and a better way of life of course comes late to some of us that have been fighting all our life for simple things like being able to cross a street or have a coffee or even thinking of taking a trip.

We now have these rights and regulations with which everybody must work and make available when giving a service. This includes ways to get in and out of restaurants, restrooms for wheelchair users, friendly menus in restaurant available in braille or tactile.

Public transport not only with friendly access but clearly signed with spoken instructions and specially assigned spots to secure our safe trip from one place to the other.

Friendly adapted cabs that will take us with our wheelchair just like any other person to any part of our city and well designed architecture within our cities.

But while all these things begin to happen, can we wait? Can we really postpone our life. Whether it’s moving in our cities, getting around our neighborhood, getting a job or even thinking about taking a trip around the world.?

The answer to this question is no, and the reason for it is simple. We just cannot wait for society to change for us and then live our lives. We need to live just like any other person and live it now. Live the present day by day and in the most respectable and with the best possible quality of life.

Stop postponing your life and make the choice that will make your life experience. Travel the world using the most complete and responsible consultancy. Plan your trip in the most efficient and reliable way with no bounders or hazards.

The All The Way Adaptive Travel team

Accessible journey consultants.


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