2017 is coming to an end and it’s time to make a balance of this years´ activities, accomplishments and what is still to be done.

In March ATW received the full backing and sponsorship of the Latin American and Spanish NGO CIAPAT linked to the Once Foundation very active and influential in the adaptive world in Spain.

In June ATW gave one more conference on adaptive traveling for people with low mobility witch took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which was attended by a group a 50 people, including some visually impaired. A lively discussion took place on the accuracy of official websites of adaptive hotels and restaurants, as many of the establishments, hotels, restaurants or sights, listed as adaptive were a far cry from it, highlighting the need for accurate information upon planning a trip.

In November the San Isidro Town Council, a suburb of Buenos Aires, declared the activities of ATW to be of Public Interest and proclaimed its full backing and sponsorship, event that was widely covered by the local press. This in turn spurred nationwide press coverage of our activities, establishing ATW as leaders in accessible traveling in Argentina.

During November and December ATW carried out a campaign to signal out and award recognition to the restaurants and bars in tourist neighborhoods of Buenos Aires that are fully adaptive and friendly to handicapped and low mobility folks. Under the slogan , DondeComemos witch translates to “Where to eat, a Guide to Adaptive Eating in Buenos Aires”, ATW awarded a logo sticker to be placed at the entrance of restaurants and bars that met the strict standards demanded by ATW. We will continue to publish the list of these restaurants and bars for adaptive travelers coming to Buenos Aires. You can find them in our network Facebook.

It is important that low mobility tourists and business travelers visiting this country know where they can enjoy a good argentine steak, have a beer or try international cuisine without barriers. And feeling welcome.

Finally, 2017 saw an upsurge in handicapped and low mobility clients from Europe wishing to travel throughout Argentina and of Argentines wishing to travel abroad, Europe in particular. ATW will continue expanding its list of adaptive eateries to include other argentine destinations.

During 2018 ATW continues its labor, checking out hotels, ,oars, restaurants and bars, transfer vehicles, touristsights and boarding platforms to verify that they are really and completely adaptive and low mobility friendly.

Creating a fully accesible and friendly enviorment for everoyone no matter what.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year.

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