let me give you a PIECE OF AVDICE.

Travel insurance is a pretty unexciting but a very important part of booking a trip. As a travel consultant I have had many clients have things go wrong on trips due to illness prior to travel, during travel, luggage stolen, etc.… We all hope this won’t happen but travel insurance gives you peace of mind. And belive me accidents do happen.

If you are traveling to Argentina or South America, travel insurance shouldn’t even be optional, it is a pressing issue. For instance, the cost of hospitalization over here is just beyond belief. If you are traveling to third world countries where facilities are not good many travel insurance policies include evacuation in their cover. This means if you are ill and they deem it necessary they will organize for you to return to your country for treatment.

If in doubt of what is a pre existing condition you should phone the insurance company directly. It is better to ensure you are covered for everything rather than to try and claim if need be and find out you are not covered.

When you travel, and although it adds to the policy, a wheelchair is an expensive piece of equipment and the airlines say ‘all care no responsibility’, meaning they are not responsible for anything.

In Third World countries such as Argentina, the replacement of your equipment might not be easy. Having these items insured makes everything much more reliable.

If you are planning more than one trip in a year, even domestically, look into an annual policy. We took out an annual policy even though we were only doing two trips as it worked out cheaper and it saved all the paper work for the insurance cover a second time.

Many credit cards offer travel insurance so check with them too but make sure they will cover any pre existing conditions. Once again it is imperative .

Shop around and do your homework.

All The Way.

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