Getting through the beach and enjoying the ocean might seem like something difficult to do when having a physical disability.  

In All The Way, we have the solution for these gaps. We believe that these activities should not be off your hands just because you are in a wheelchair.  

In Argentina's coastline we have a few beach cities form which we can pick and travel along.

Recently there has been a breakthrough concerning accessible beaches.   This concept in Argentina is growing rapidly and makes life better for everybody.   A more inclusive environment.

With its easy going platforms and friendly using amphibian wheelchairs which will be assisted by lifeguards and assistants form each beach. They will take you from the sand right into the Atlantic ocean. Guaranteeing our very best services and care for you .

The Hoteling has flourished and has very little but very good accommodations. In spite of this it is very important to make the right decision when about to make a reservation.

We all know that coming back form the beach in our wheelchairs or walker is a messy task and therefore it is imperative we  have the right accommodations.  

Restaurants and places to have a good time during your stay are also an important issue and must be addressed in the best manner.

Let us take you to the Atlantic coast and into the Argentine beaches.

Lerma more about our services in All The Way. Adaptive travel.

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