Social and Architectural Gaps

Buenos Aires, like in most South American capitals, has not correctly adapted and has very little conscience when it comes to handicapped and slow moving population.

Careless governments and poor legislation are a common issue in Argentina when it comes to regulating these important concepts.

This creates what we know as Gaps both Social and Architectural.

From broken streets walks to steep staircases that will leave you with no breath if you are able to climb or walk them.

Social barriers like these make not only a difficult time when going on a holiday on a foreign country but also in the everyday life.

Making the right decisions and planning your trip will make this a pleasant and most enriching experience.   With no gaps or difficulties .

This is why before going on a trip it is imperative you plan this the right way.  

In All The Way Adaptive travel we know it is not an easy task, but its possible if you do it the right way, and take a moment to check out our website and

Christian C. Couyoumdjian.

All The Way Adaptive Travel

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