Halfway around the world

What might have been one of the longest trips in his life, Christian Couyoumdjian has recently returned from a twenty day and 12,700 kms. trip to the Australian Sunny Coast. After a twenty hour flight and a two hour drive to the landing location and more than five stressing waiting hours, he was on his way to start his duties as an adaptive athlete to take part in a world sprint championship.

This is not an easy task when you find yourself in a wheelchair or any other impediment that affects your mobility in more that one way.

Sitting hours on a plane may cause you serious damage to you skin, specially in the areas where you pressure the most and feel the least, and being able to use a restroom in a airplane, which is usually small and not accommodating.

Let us tell you how or what is the best way to go long distance trips and still be able to enjoy every day, wherever you are without having these issues, from learning which airline to choosing hotels.

It is from experiences like this and 34 years of traveling that we know best. We’ve been there. Let us make your trip to Argentina the best experience.

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