San Carlos de Bariloche in the Patagonia is the place to go skiing in Argentina. More than a million peope visit it each year to practice snow sports in a setting of spectacular natural environment with lakes, forests and mountains.

When you think of an activity like skiing you will probably end up with the idea that you cannot do it without your limbs. Just thinking of yourself sitting in a wheelchair on a frozen spot covered with snow destroys any idea of wanting to make a skiing holiday.

At All The Way Adaptive Travel we not only do not accept the idea of “It cannot be done” but will show you how to and the best way to do something many people consider impossible.

Where to sleep, how to how get to the mountain resort, he best eating places, beer halls and the ancient chocolate shops and how to get aroung in Bariloche - which is not is not exactly friendly to handicapped people as it is set on a mountain slope,

Enjoy an unforgettable experience together with your loved ones in the Argentina Patagonia, skiing or snowboarding. It is possible and must not be set aside.

Happy holidays !

Christian C. Couyoumdjian

All The Way. Adaptive Travel.










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