Accessibility is a concept which is being understood and used but which is only gradually being applied in our societies.

The first thing we must understand by accessibility is that it is the possibility of accessing something and interacting in a place or environment irrespective of the impairment or the disability.

For this it is necessary to understand another concept, that of Adapting, which makes accessibility possible; adapting is all about including.

Adapting correctly an environment or an activity is the difference between being part of an inclusive space. This is specially in true tourism, a service which undoubtedly must adapt to everyone’s requirements.

It isn’t that expensive making Accessibility come true, building a ramp to access your store, adapting a restroom in your restaurant so that a wheelchair fits or making the sidewalk slope down to street level. When you think of it it even makes economic sense, more consumers and less medical costs.

More than anything else it requires a change in attitude.

Although adaptive traveling has significantly advanced during the last few years, it must be taken more seriously so that everyone that requires special attention may receive it and have an enjoyable travel experience be it on business or vacation. All travelers seek quality service when they travel, it should be provided.

At All The Way Adaptive Travel we thoroughly understand these concepts and apply them from beginning to end. We thus manage to provide our clients, who have special needs and requirements to fit their reduced mobility, with the best advice in adaptive travel services possible.







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