Once again back form my latest trip, this time from the coast of Chile, at Maitencillo Beach, one of the most exclusive resorts in the country. Having made more than 20 voyages to this country located west of Argentina extending 2,653 miles of coastline on the Pacific Ocean. With a population of 16 million it is the most stable and prosperous of the Latin-American countries, Santiago with 6 million inhabitants is a vibrant metropolis. Chile boasts a wide diversity of climates from the Atacama desert in the North, the driest in the world, to the fiords and glaciers in the South.

I made this trip in order to take part for the sixth time in the IVF South American Outrigger Championship that took place there. Representing and being part of the Argentinean team and winning a new golden medal as an adaptive athlete.

When traveling with this purpose and having to concentrate on other important issues, the accessibly must be at its best shape in order to perform at our best of our abilities.

Being able to get through the beach up to the ocean and up to the different places during the competition up to having well adapted accommodations are most important details.

Chile is certainly in a new beginning and slowly starting to grow and improve in adaptiveness and the concept of what we all know as an inclusive world.

Christian Carlos Couyoumdjian


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