Christmas and New Year are upon us and if you are thinking of a short holiday don’t forget some basics on adaptive traveling so that your trip may be enjoyable and snag free.

By basics on adaptive traveling I don’t mean just having a ramp which is not too steep to climb, I mean can you see yourself reflected in the bathroom mirror or is it too high ? Is there space enough between tables at the restaurant of your choice so that you are not hampered upon entering and exiting and don’t have to disturb the rest of the guests, and do the restaurants have adapted restrooms?

Hotels, restaurants and beaches you are planning to visit should adapt to your needs, not you to theirs. Do you have access to a wheelchair that you can take up to the ocean’s edge and make it back without getting stuck in the sand ?

You would rather go skiing or snowboarding? That’s great, check out the availability of adapted equipment at the ski resort of your choice. If you have never tried it before there are skilled instructors to show you how.

No matter the country you live in, whatever your age or your physical disability, before you leave home be sure these adapting requirements are in place and in and don`t forget your travel insurance.

At All the Way Adaptive Traveling in Argentina we do all things and more.

Happy holidays


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